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Mission Statement

To provide quality services by respecting and responding to the choices of people with developmental disabilities and continuously improve our services to enhance the lives of the individuals we serve. Miami Homecare Services will assist individuals and/or families served, in obtaining access to the resources and services of their choice, and are included in their communities to the degree they desire. This mission is accomplished by direct service provision or linkages to existing opportunities and natural supports.


Our purpose is to provide a life experience for individuals with mental retardation and/or functional impairment which is conducive to optimal growth and consistent with the normalization principle.

We believe individuals should have the opportunity to develop and use their capabilities to the fullest. With this in mind, we feel the individuals should have a realistic idea of what he/she can do, acknowledge his/her limitations, and learn to accept them and work with them.

We work at developing a sense of responsibility to care for oneself and one’s home as well as other members of society. Emphasis is placed on increased independent living skills. We also encourage community and neighborhood involvement, as we believe this is an important aspect of normalization.

We believe a person with an impairment, intellectual or mental, has the same rights as any other human being, and therefore, believe these rights must be respected and protected to the maximum degree feasible.

The overall purpose of our program is to maximize self-sufficiency by providing support, supervision, guidance, training and counseling on an individual and group basis.

“The needs of the individual are paramount.” The relationship element of a direct care provider role is the core factor, or better stated, the heart of what the care provider does. MHCS will recognize the importance of family, friendship, and advocate relationships as essential in developing a working environment of trust. Thus, respect for the culture and traditions of the individual over one’s lifespan is crucial.

Our Core Values

Miami Homecare Services core values form the basis for everyday decision-making at a corporate and employee level.

  • Person-Centered Thinking: MHCS has adopted the philosophy of person-centered thinking, whereby the balance between what is “important to” and what is “important for” the individual are the driving questions in facilitating a person-centered process. Direct care providers should strive to encourage open communication with individuals and their teams to ensure that they have been heard and that service providers understand what is valued and meaningful.
  • Self-Determination: Self-determination is the concept that allows individuals to work as equals to create less dependency upon formal systems of service delivered by advocating natural communities to establish an equal partnership between the individual, the provider, and the community.
  • Community Integration: The success of individualized services and supports will be measured by the quality of life indicators designed to empower the individual with a valued role in his or her community. Additionally, indicators should be quantifiable and measured by the individual’s standard of success. Becoming familiar with the waiver recipient’s community and supporting the independence of the individual will assist in opening doors to new experiences aimed at promoting the development of personal growth.
  • Freedom of Choice: Choice is having ample opportunities to experience decision-making in both small, everyday matters, and large life-defining matters. Freedom of choice means the waiver recipient, family, or legal guardian makes a voluntary decision after learning of all options and alternatives
  • Advocacy: MHCS recognizes that advocacy is best framed within the concept of meaningful actions; specifically, actions known to be of value to the client in attaining his or her best goals. We view advocacy as the practice through which all people can make their voices heard.



Miami Homecare is committed to delivering high-quality services to our persons served. We are equally committed to maintaining a high level of quality standards for business practice.

We are proud to demonstrate this commitment by achieving CARF accreditation for the following Community Integration and Habilitation, Family Support Waiver, Money Follows the Person and Wellness Coordination.

What is CARF accreditation?

When considering a Waiver Services provider, how do you evaluate the different available options? Where do you look to determine which providers may offer the highest quality services? The answer is CARF International.

CARF International is an independent, nonprofit accreditor of health and human services providers in the areas of Aging Services, Behavioral Health, Child and Youth Services, Durable Medical Equipment, Employment and Community Services, Medical Rehabilitation, Opioid Treatment Programs, and Vision Rehabilitation Services.

Programs and services that are CARF accredited have demonstrated their conformance to internationally recognized standards for service delivery. They have demonstrated their commitment to continuous quality improvement and a consumer-driven focus.

Person-Centered Services

Persons served play an active and vital role in the CARF accreditation process, from helping to develop the international performance standards to giving input on the quality of services they receive. Through accreditation, providers demonstrate their belief that all people have the right to be treated with dignity and respect, have access to needed services that achieve optimum outcomes, and are empowered to exercise informed choice. Miami Homecare is pleased to join CARF in this mission.

For more information about CARF International, the standards, or the accreditation process, visit


  • CUSTOMER INTIMACY: Knowing and responding to our customers’ needs and choices. To accomplish this, we must acquire the trust of our customers.
  • QUALITY SERVICES: Achieving customer satisfaction, earning customer trust, realizing our mission, and living our values.
  • ORDER: Providing stability and quality by promoting structure, predictability, and consistency in our processes and systems. Our mission and our value of customer intimacy require change and responsiveness in our services, but organizational stability is also necessary in an environment of growth and change.
  • PROFITABILITY: Maximizing profitability and financial stability while realizing our other values.


  • HARD WORK AND MUTUAL SUPPORT: Working hard and helping other employees. We expect an employee to do her or his own share, and help and support others. Support includes challenging and encouraging other employees to succeed and excel.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Adjusting and changing our services to meet the choices of our customers. To achieve this, all employees must remain flexible. We also strive to allow flexibility for employees, unless to do so compromises the achievement of our mission and service values.
  • A POSITIVE CORPORATE CLIMATE: We want Miami Homecare Services to be a good place to work. We want each person to do her or his job well and grow personally and professionally.


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